Work Smarter Not Harder: Brand Kits & Website Templates

Let's talk templates. With CSS Designs now being a one-stop shop you really can't go wrong with any of the experiences we offer. We provide Brand Kits, Website Templates, Website Design, Branding,...

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Work Smarter Not Harder: Brand Kits & Website Templates
Let's talk templates. We've covered our recently launched marketing services in last week's post - so this week we are steering into our templates, and other services we offer!
With CSS Designs now being a one-stop shop you really can't go wrong with any of the experiences we offer. We provide Brand Kits, Website Templates, Website Design, Branding, Brand Refreshes, and now Marketing Services (multiple levels of services). Like I mentioned above, last week we talked in-depth about each of our marketing services, so let's dive into the rest!
What's a Brand Kit?
A brand kit is all of the details that make up your brand identity - together in one package. From your main, secondary, and mobile logos to all other visual aspects of your brand, everything is carefully planned out.
Our brand kits (purchasable on our site) include a primary logo, secondary logo, (RGB & CMYK Codes), typography suite (fonts & links to download or purchase), file package delivered via Dropbox (.png, .pdf, .eps, .jpg), and logos given in black, white, and the three colorways based on your color palette choice!
Need I go on? If you aren't confident in your creative skills or just lost choosing your branding, these brand kits are perfect for you. There are an array of colorways, designs, and details to choose from so we find the perfect fit.
How Do Website Templates Work?
Recently updated, we are currently offering 4 varieties of website templates. These templates come ready to go with only photo and website copy changes needed. We have a template built for portfolios, resumes, real estate, and weddings; but you're not limited to what comes with them! If there are aspects you'd like to add, or of course change, these templates were curated to be flexible.
Here's what's included if you decide to go this route: Squarespace Installation
will happen within 24 hours of your purchase, leaving you with total access and ownership of your new Squarespace 7.1 site. Easy Customizable Template - no coding required! You can easily update your site's photos, colors, content, and typography. If you don’t want to change the colors or typography, no problem, it’s totally up to you. Adaptable Design - whether you’re a blogger, influencer, photographer… there are endless possibilities. Tutorials - you will receive access to video tutorials to get your website up in no time.
We do everything we can to best serve and accommodate you and your brand's needs, so never hesitate to ask if you want to see some changes! These templates save you an incredible amount of time and work and are doubtlessly worth the investment.
What Else Do You Offer?
Aside from our templates and brand kits, we offer website design services and brand refreshes.
Our website design experience is completely tailored and custom coded to what you want, and your brand needs. Our abilities are limitless and the CSS Designs team works closely with you to best cater to your needs, and create a stunning site set up for success.
Brand refreshes are perfect for startups or established small business owners who are ready to invest in a completely new visual identity. We will work together through the branding process to develop and design a cohesive visual brand identity that will reflect your core values and attract your ideal customers.
We hope you consider some of the extensive templates, kits, and services we offer - and if you're not convinced, let's set up a consultation! You can fill out the form here or find and follow us on social media to send a DM. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified the next time we have posted a blog and stay in the loop with CSS Designs!
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