3 of Shopify's Newest Features

Shopify has so many attributes to obtain a modern, responsive, seamless website that can house all of your products or services. And, it's constantly evolving for the better. We specialize in Shopify and design...

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3 of Shopify's Newest Features
Long time no talk! Let's chat about some of Shopify's newest features you should definitely be taking advantage of as a business owner.
Shopify like most other platforms is constantly evolving, bettering itself, and making running a business easy and achievable. It's one of the reasons why we love it so much and house almost all of our clients on it. Shopify is user-friendly and has attributes such as extensive analytical reporting, an array of app integrations, and the ability to house e-commerce AND service-based businesses. Take it from us, a service-based company with a responsive, seamless, Shopify site.
Let's dive in and talk about 3 new features Shopify has announced that we've taken note on, and if you're still considering another platform for your business, check out our portfolio here to see that the possibilities are endless. (Hint hint CSS Designs does custom coding and can make your dreams come true). We'll go over Shopify's new Mock Shop, their increased search relevance, and how they are making a one-page checkout seamless.
Over the years we've worked with multiple clients that have a large product quantity and even retail stores with a POS system outside of Shopify. In those instances, you need to do a test or trial run with the checkout process and products to make sure things are running smoothly before launch day. It can be challenging to get the POS system functioning without error since it's bridged with coding. Shopify has released a new feature called Mock Shop which is a prototyping tool to build a storefront without having to actually set up a shop or run any server-side code. After adding in your code you'll see a mock product with up to 3 variant options. This new attribute consolidates the time spent on test runs and in the end may save you from a delayed launch date!!
Web designers know well how important site algorithms are. When you have a business and want certain features on your site, there is a 99% chance that there is an app out there that can make it happen. We have clients ask for something specific all of the time, whether it's something they designed themselves or were inspired by another site - and it's not always so easy. Yes, custom coding can solve virtually everything but in many instances it requires some type of app, or what you might hear us call a plug-in, to achieve it. So, as a web designer or merchant searching for say, an app that allows you to add specific variants in a design Shopify doesn't offer, they take your behavioral data and show you the most relevant. Shopify uses this behavioral data to further refine and target exactly how you, the merchant, engage. In other words, apps that merchants find most relevant, given what they’re searching for, will rank higher overall. 
One page checkouts and checkout extensions have become SO important in conversion rates. If your checkout process is lengthy and slow as a business owner, you are significantly more likely to lose that sale. Sadly for business owners, if it's not easy, the customer isn't going to follow through. Shopify's best-converting checkout is becoming more streamlined... if that's even possible?! From product page to checkout a one-page experience becomes optimized using all of their learnings from customer behavior. All app-based customizations will work automatically with the new one-page design, making for a faster, friction-free, and higher-converting standard for checking out.
With all of that in mind, your dream website (with our help!) is absolutely achievable. Shopify has so many attributes to obtain a modern, responsive, seamless website that can house all of your products or services. And, it's constantly evolving for the better. We specialize in Shopify and design is at the heart of what we do, we truly can take you and your company to the next level! We'll foster your business's long-term goals starting with branding, your website, and even marketing from whatever stage of business you're in.
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