Our Story.

Beginning our journey in 2019, CSS Designs started as a graphic design and brand development business. However, our story took a turn when our Founder and CEO, Chase, decided to lean into website design. Self-taught in the intricate language of custom coding, she uncovered a knack and passion not just for crafting brands but also for shaping their digital presence.

CSS Designs took off, embracing collaborations with a diverse range of companies at various stages of their journeys. Witnessing their growth became our lifeblood, fuelling our dedication to each project. Over the years, our team expanded - Alexis, now our COO, joined as Chase's right-hand man. What started as a semester long Co-Op opportunity evolved into a pathway for future students to Intern with us, gaining college credit and paid opportunities. Our team thrives on collaboration, with our collective approach setting us apart and fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

In 2021, a pivotal moment arrived as we launched our marketing branch, introducing subscription services for social media and marketing collateral. This addition derived from our desire to nurture lasting relationships with our clients, extending our services to encompass all facets of their brand journey.

Fast forwarding to 2023, the landscape has evolved significantly. Our expertise has deepened, aligning our services with industry standards. While we haven't confined ourselves to any particular industry, our client selection has evolved. We seek passionate collaborators who share our excitement for their future and trust our creative instincts.

Welcoming a seasoned creative director this fall, boasting an illustrious background in the fashion and beauty realm, and an outstanding marketing coordinator, has been a pivotal addition. Our transformation into a full-service creative agency is now complete, offering a comprehensive suite of services spanning brand design, website development, social media, marketing, photography, and videography—a one-stop destination for launching or revitalizing businesses.

At the heart of our evolution lies a new chapter. CSS Designs has blossomed into the parent company for CSS Creative and CSS Interiors, the latter extending bespoke interior design services in San Antonio.

With these diverse branches, we've cultivated a space where creativity thrives across multiple realms. Our commitment remains steadfast—to be your partner in crafting brands, elevating digital footprints, and now, curating spaces that harmonize beauty and functionality.

Thank you for being part of our story. We're excited to continue this journey with you, creating, innovating, and transforming visions into reality.

      Personalization is at the heart of our work, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual project.


      A white-glove experience that best fits you and your brand.


      Driven by collaboration, we work with you and your team to hone in on your unique brand style and voice.


      A versatile agency, that stays at the forefront of the latest trends.