Chase S. Studer

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Chase's upbringing cultivated an appreciation for horses and a keen eye for aesthetics. Surrounded by historical and inspiring places an understanding and ability for attention to detail and design was unknowingly developed. It was during her time at The University of Mississippi that her natural talent for marketing and design truly blossomed. Graduating with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Business, she honed her skills and gained a solid foundation for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, Chase shares her life with her husband, son Sawyer, and three dogs. Her passion for creativity and design has flourished to become an all encapsulating agency.

Chase's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, keen eye for detail, and unyielding drive to make a difference. Through CSS Creative and CSS Interiors, she continues to uplift businesses and individuals, shaping remarkable brand experiences that leave a lasting impact.

    Alexis Boone

    Chief Operating Officer

    At CSS Creative, we have the privilege of having Alexis as our Chief Operating Officer. With a wealth of expertise in fashion design, digital development, social media, branding, and more, Alexis is a creative virtuoso who brings a deep understanding and proficiency to every project she undertakes. Her eagerness to collaborate with clients and help bring their dream brands to life is a driving force behind her remarkable work.

    Alexis graduated from The University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, honing her skills and gaining a solid foundation in the world of aesthetics. Balancing the demands of work, play, and further education, Alexis seamlessly navigates between the vibrant cities of Cincinnati and New York, drawing inspiration from the unique energy and cultural tapestry of both locations.

    With her unwavering dedication and meticulous approach, Alexis takes immense pride in each project she works on. Her ability to blend creativity and strategy ensures that every aspect of a brand is carefully crafted to resonate with its target audience in an innovative way. As the Chief Operating Officer at CSS Creative, Alexis's commitment to excellence shines through, propelling each project towards outstanding success.

      Bailey Billups


      After spending the last ten years living and working in NYC, Bailey is excited to be back in her hometown of San Antonio, TX. With a background in e-commerce and fashion, she's worked for a range of premium and luxury brands, from Kiehl's to Frame Denim to W Hotels. An energetic creative marketer, she has expertise in creating memorable brand experiences and holds a passion for dynamic storytelling.

        Olivia Gilland

        Marketing Coordinator

        Olivia, an exceptional addition to our team, recently graduated from the esteemed Texas Tech University, infusing collective efforts with a dynamic and invigorating perspective. Armed with a degree in Marketing, Olivia's powers lie in the realm of digital Marketing, where she possesses a remarkable talent for propelling company platforms to new heights and expanding their reach.

        What sets Olivia apart is her international experience as an intern in Italy, which has equipped her with a global mindset and a wealth of innovative perspectives. Her ability to infuse these unique insights into team discussions elevates the overall quality of the business.

        With Olivia's presence, our team can rely on her to ignite a spark of creativity and fuel our pursuit of excellence. Her relentless drive to go above and beyond ensures that our projects exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact.

          Miriam Driessen

          Creative Director

          Meet Miriam, our creative powerhouse from The Netherlands! Her professional journey reads like an exhilarating adventure, taking her around the globe where she’s had the joy of working with extraordinary photographers and models and diving into
          captivating cultures.

          With almost two decades of experience as an editorial fashion stylist for both commercial and editorial clients, Miriam developed a fine eye for composition, styling and all the little details that make your production stand out. It’s the combination of her talents that brings out your brand’s vision in every project.

          What makes Miriam truly shine is her knack for meticulous planning, a skill she’s mastered through her role as a producer for renowned photo and video shoots. This friendly Dutch dynamo is all about turning your visions into fabulous realities!