Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part III

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Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part III

Drum roll please... The last but certainly not least part of our series about the technology we can't live without, we're introducing ClickUp. ClickUp is a game-changer - with features like workspaces, dashboards, and document hubs - collaboration is brought to the next level with this application.

Whether you're working by yourself or collaborating on a large team, ClickUp has endless options of customizations to help your work run smoother. Here at CSS Designs, we use ClickUp for things like managing our schedules, working cross-functionally, managing clients, and everything in between. We are able to create dashboards for clients that act as the heart for information, questions, and assigned tasks. The calendar feature always helps tremendously when planning more than just meetings: like social media, events, and reoccurring reminders.

ClickUp can be a bit overwhelming at first - with so many features and adaptability for personalization, navigating through them all can be tricky. We recommend you read through the prompted tips and tricks upon login and take a few hours to play around in the program to discover things on your own.

Closing out this series by introducing ClickUp was a great way to end, but it doesn't have to be the last you hear from us on technology recommendations! At CSS Designs we use all kinds of helpful platforms beyond what we've already mentioned; like HoneyBook, Calendly, and FloDesk.

If you are interested in learning more about these other apps or the technology we can't live without, tell us! Feel free to reach out through email, or DM us on some of our social media - we would love to hear from you.




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