Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part II

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Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part II

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan and schedule all of your social media content across multiple platforms at once? Life would be so much easier… oh wait YOU CAN. Ringing in part two of our blog series featuring tech tools that save us, Planoly brings multi-tasking to a new level. The opposite of stress-inducing, Planoly helps users carry out social media marketing strategies seamlessly and effortlessly across different platforms.


Planoly is Bliss

For those that haven’t used Planoly, you start by uploading the graphics you want on your Instagram feed and choosing the best arrangement (Planoly even features filters for your photos). Then you can schedule each post for a specific time and day, followed by the option of planning Instagram stories, comments/descriptions, hashtags, and more. Going beyond a visual planner for Instagram, Planoly gives in-depth analytics you can compare with past posts and insights. Information like lifetime data including location, gender, age, and activity rates about your audience gives an advantageous position for marketing. At CSS Designs our goal for each client and marketing retainer is to have social media planned and approved a month out - and Planoly makes this task significantly easier. Being able to refer to in-depth analysis on your posts, and your audience helps find what graphics are most successful, what topics are most engaging, and what is most beneficial all together for the brand.


Save Time Scheduling

Save time, don’t waste time when you’re juggling multiple social media accounts across the same or many platforms. Keeping up with the demand social media requires for consistent and growing engagement even for one account can be a lot, let alone many! Plan using Planoly to assist in your social media marketing strategies and campaigns, keeping you on track and up to date even on your busiest days.

Hoping this information on another one of the tech tools we can’t live without was helpful! Stay tuned for part III of this series coming out next week as we continue to dive into more helpful resources.




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