Our New Services

Surprise! We are offering a few new services you have to look into. After much deliberation and analysis of past, current, and inquiring clients we've invented a perfect fix for...

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Our New Services
Surprise! We are offering a few new services you have to look into. After much deliberation and analysis of past, current, and inquiring clients we've invented a perfect fix for those looking for quick results AND we now offer photography add-ons!
Each year we do an end-of-year evaluation. This evaluation entails everything from assessing our SOPs to collecting client feedback - we want to better ourselves every chance we get! It's a good business practice to do this quarterly, but more importantly yearly. That way, when it comes to making big changes like contract updates, SOP changes, and price raises, it's headed into a new year. In other words, it's the perfect time to better yourself and your business!
We noticed we really have two types of client groups approaching us interested in working with us. One of those groups is smaller-scale or startup businesses and the other is well-known established businesses. Looking at these two extremes we wanted to make sure we offer something for both - something within budget, obtainable, but also appealing to either. And with that, we created Holistic Branding In A Day, and A Website In A Day!
Let's talk a bit more about these services and how they work... A day you say? How is that possible?
Holistic Branding In A Day:
While the design work and finalization all happen in one day, it's the prep work leading up to that day that gets us ready to go. A regular brand project usually takes a few weeks to complete the consultation, design, revisions, finalization, and brand packaging. This service starts with a thorough and separate consultation and then combines the design, revisions, and finalization into one day. After that, we take your finalized brand and package it up equipping you with every file type and branding details you might need moving forward. This includes a PNG, PDF, JPEG, and SVG of each primary and secondary logo colorway, as well as the hex and color codes for your palette. As I mentioned we wanted these new services to be something that appeals to either client group, and this is how we achieved that: If you are a new business just starting and needing branding soon, or out of the gate you may not have a lot of capital to invest, our Holistic Branding In A Day is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are an established business just wanting a refresh or seasonal update, this is your holy grail! Minimal time and capital need be invested into this service but you will still receive a quality and timeless brand kit perfect for your business.
If you decide to go this route we start by having an in-depth call where we ask all of the important questions to better understand you and your business, your goals, future plans, and more! We take the answers to all of your questions and ideate what designs we think would best suit you, and what your business will grow into. After a date is set we block out the day on our calendar to solely work on your project. The beauty of this service is you get the entire CSS Designs team's undivided attention that day. We work out a time to send you your brand concept for review, and you come back with any revisions you may have. By 5:00 pm that same day you will sign off on your branding and we will begin the process of creating your brand package and guide! Within 24 hours of finalization, your new brand identity will be ready to put into action.
Website In A Day:
So I mentioned the prep work is really what makes this service a success, and for our Website In A Day service, I can't stress that enough! We will remind you up front that deadlines are extremely important, and in order for your project to run smoothly we make it a priority to choose a timeline that works for you, and is obtainable. Similar to how we begin the Holistic Branding In A Day, we will have a call to go over all of the nitty gritty.
On that call we will chat about your timelines and ours, choosing realistic deadlines and the final design date! If you are considering this or any of our other website design services here are a few things to keep in mind you'll need to prepare:
  • What pages do I want on my site?
  • If you have products, do they have names, prices, descriptions, and inventory ready to go?
  • Do I have a bio and image ready for the informational About page?
  • Do I have updated branding and Jpeg's of my logos easily accessible?
  • Do I have photography or high res images ready to use?
  • Who do I look to for inspiration?
  • What websites do I currently love?
These won't all be due at once, but we will have to collect this information and more before we get to the design date! Once that day comes it will be all hands on deck for the CSS team, and we ask that you are readily available for the day as well. By a chosen time near midday, we will send over the preview link to view your new website. You'll have a chance to come back with any minor revisions and we will make those changes then and there! Afterward, we will transfer your site over and answer any questions you may have about how it functions. The beauty of Shopify is how user-friendly it is, and how easy it is to maintain.
Eeek we are so excited to now offer two different packages for photography services! We can't tell you how many times we've been approached for this, and we are so glad to now offer this to our clients. As a full-service design agency we will offer a Basic Product Photography add-on and Monthly Social Content Shoot add-on for local clients.
The Basic Product Photography package includes professional photos of up to 10 of your products. These images will showcase your products with props of your choice and our creative direction (p.s. the props price is built into the total!). Once you send the products to our studio, you will receive a set of high-resolution images suitable for use on your website, social media, and marketing materials! This package is perfect for small businesses looking to elevate their online presence with professional product photography.
The Monthly Social Content Shoot includes a visit to your business's location to gather content where our photographer will spend a half day on-site capturing high-quality photos that can be used for social media, marketing, and branding purposes! The final product will be delivered to the client in a digital format. Whether you are a small business, non-profit organization, or individual looking to up your social media game, our Social Media Photography package has you covered!
We are so excited to offer these new services and feel it's the perfect solution for companies needing high quality results quickly. We would love to hear feedback from you all and your thoughts on these innovative services! Feel free to reach out anytime and of course, inquire if you are interested in working with us here.
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