Life Updates: Part 2

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Life Updates: Part 2
I'm back with part two of life updates: currently, I am running a business, taking care of a newborn, and of course making some big changes in life allll at the same time. I don't want you to think I do this alone either, my wonderful husband Ross is always by my side -- my mom even took a quick trip from my hometown in Kentucky to visit, and help out this week. If you're curious for some updates keep reading, and let me know at the end if you'd like to know more!
House updates:
You didn't think I would just be updating the outside of the house did you?? That would be too easy! I've got some new pillows for the living room, completely redone our bar and painted it Benjamin Moore Polo Blue, and even surprised Ross with some new decor as an early Valentine's Day gift. Adding new artwork to the living room, I got a stunning statement piece of a zebra that hangs perfectly above our Wingback chairs (featuring our new pillows). I also redecorated Ross’ office: it now has new pillows, curtains, swivel chairs to face the desk or the couch, bar, and reorganized the shelves. Needless to say, I've been a busy bee. Then, the last update for inside the house was replacing the kitchen table with something new to us, but a very old table from France made in the 1800's. I decided on moving it to the dining room then proceeded to make another list of some other changes I'm sure I'll be making!
As you know last I left off I was stuck between about 6 different shades of white and 12 different trim colors to paint the outside of the house... then ended up calling an interior designer. I had to brainstorm how to get around a few obstacles I'd run into with the windows, and boards on our Tudor style home. We ended up removing the Tudor style boards and replaced them with Battan Boards to add a more modern look. Then, we proceeded to paint the house and the trim - it truly feels like a whole new home. More to come later on the color process... wow did I learn a lot!
Life Updates:
Did I mention the majority of this housework was a surprise while Ross was away on a 3-week excursion to Africa? No? Well... I almost pulled it all off! Unfortunately, the "cold" weather we had here in Texas slowed the process down a bit so it wasn't completely done before he arrived home as I'd hoped. (By cold I mean Texas cold, not Kentucky or East Coast cold). With Ross home and the house finished we are back to each week managing to go out or entertain almost every night... Ha (my husband can’t hold still). I'm also hosting a close friend's baby shower this week which gave myself a deadline to have everything finished!
Finally, I'm back in my fitness routine with a combination of a personal trainer, spin class, Orangetheory, and Fitfusion. I try to work out 1-2 times per day, also adding 20-30 minutes of the infrared sauna per day when there is time!
Every day no matter what I take Sawyer on an hour and a half walk around 4 or 5 in the evening. When I go on a walk with Sawyer I check out of the office, silence my phone (if I can get away with it) and my sole focus is on him until he goes to bed. We walk with a bottle ready and waiting for him when we get home. Then a bath, followed by bedtime with another bottle. Sawyer hasn’t been sleeping well and wakes up about 2-3 times per night so right after Sawyer goes to sleep, I finish up any work that hadn’t been done before our walk and I get back into the zone - before he wakes up again. Not only will he be 6 months this month but we're also planning his baptism here in a few weeks.
Work Updates:
We've added new members and I'm finally feeling as a whole we are in a good spot. We've had lots of fun design work recently, and even our newest members seem to love learning about it. Expanding the team can be daunting but it all is worth it in the end - you just have to learn to let go.
I'm balancing being a CEO & a mom - life is crazy but I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I make the most of every day and stay busy doing projects I love, and things I know friends and family around me will love too. If you enjoyed this life update I'm sure I could write many many more, leave me some feedback back by DMing us on Instagram @cssdesignsllc or feel free to leave an inquiry if you'd like to work with me and my amazing team!
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