How To Effectively Manage A Team

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How To Effectively Manage A Team
One of my favorite aspects of running this business has been learning to manage a team. While building a team has been one of the most difficult challenges I've faced since starting my business I must say when it clicks... it clicks.
What I truly love is giving my team members the tools to succeed and watching them grow and learn. They take initiative and admire how they develop into professional businesswomen. I cannot explain this feeling - but I can compare it to watching my child accomplish milestones... very different yet very similar. I am SO proud of them and they are themselves -- with confidence they take ownership in their work. This has been one of the most rewarding facets of my business. I could not do this without my team, and while there have been some changes over the past year, we continue to grow, and right now... it just clicks. I must say one thing that I cherish is our team environment - we laugh and have a good time - it's light-hearted but we also work hard. Finding that balance while staying on a professional level can leave you walking a fine line, but once you're bonded with trust that line blends to become a lasting relationship. Yes, sometimes our phone calls or meetings turn into chit-chat about anything besides work, but as I said when it's time to get serious everyone does their part and then some.
Building trust in your employees, especially with a remote team, is one of the most important parts of running a business. You aren't in an office space with the ability to lean back and peek your head around to ask a question or discuss tasks -- you have to be accountable, self-motivated. I'm learning that self-motivation and confidence are key. With that, I try my best to always give praise and constructive criticism so my team can build confidence and trust in me.
While mistakes are bound to happen at some point, making sure they don't happen again is a priority. Something my team and I practice every day is considering the circumstances, stepping back, and asking ourselves how can we improve or do better next time; what do we need to change moving forward? Getting into the habit of evaluating work and being honest with yourself creates a successful environment all around - there is always room for improvement.
If you're curious about my team, feel free to head to the Meet The Team page. You can read their bio, put a face to the name, and learn each of their roles. We hope to build a connection with our customers and instill trust with potential ones.
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