HOW TO: Make The Most Of Social Platforms

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HOW TO: Make The Most Of Social Platforms
We always advocate to stay active, intentional, and somewhat personable on social media. But what is each social platform best for?
Yes, essentially each platform has the basic purposes of informing, promoting, and marketing altogether... but uses for social platforms are truly determined by consumers and culture. With the ebb & flow of social media trends always fluctuating, it's important to refer back to the basics of what each platform truly is best for.
Here is what we've picked up on working in the industry over the years:
Pinterest: An inspiration hub. Since captions aren't the main focus here, the pictures do all of the talking. Whether it's process work, initial ideas, final products, or services high-quality and inspiring images thrive on this platform. I and my team, as well as clients, implement Pinterest into different aspects of our work. For example, when we onboard a new client we love to create Pinterest boards as inspiration for colorways, branding, and visual design. On the client's end, we encourage them to create a board and pin anything that stands out to them, or they want to see reflected in their project in some way. Pinterest is also great for shopping, whether you're a product-based company and can literally tag the item or you're service-based looking for outbound clicks to your website - this is a great platform to inspire and sell.
Instagram: Officially announced in July to no longer be considered just a photo-sharing app, Instagram can range from education, inspiration, advocation, promotion, or just entertainment. We use Instagram to inform, educate, and promote to others the services we offer, and what we have learned as a growing business. Applicable to any business - your Instagram aesthetic and layout is just as important as the information on it. Customers may visit your page and interact solely because they enjoy your aesthetic. I can't stress enough the importance of using every avenue of promotion on the app! Take advantage of reels, stories, ads, guides, IGTV, Live, and of course the shop tab. Let Instagram be a one-stop-shop for your business (aside from your website of course!).
Facebook: Facebook is great for building local clientele. Creating a page and connecting with nearby and related companies, as well as your customers in the area can help jump-start your business. Stay in the know on worldly information and create another avenue for people to discover your business using this platform. People waste a lot of time on Facebook, so businesses have no time to waste! Similar to Instagram, we recommend using every feature on Facebook to gain as many impressions as you can on ads, Live, stories, Watch, Marketplace, Reels, etc.
Your Website: Business and personality harmoniously meet here. Introduce yourself, and your business - let them know why they should spend another second looking at your site. Your website is your chance to build a new connection and showcase your services/products. Use every opportunity to drive SEO like blog posts, connecting social media, and implementing interactive elements.
Remember to stay consistent across all platforms, and get the most out of each app by understanding its purpose. Take advantage of each avenue for marketing and promotion to see a world of difference in interaction and success in your business. I could continue chatting about each of these apps along with tips & tricks but why not move it to a phone call! Schedule a consultation call with me here and let's talk marketing! Feel free to read more into what marketing subscriptions and retainers we offer here... you won't regret it!
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