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Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not find an answer from our FAQ, please contact us via email on our work with us page.

work with us
    Do you custom code?

    Absolutely! At CSS Creative, we offer custom coding services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Certain project visions require custom coding to achieve the clients goals and CSS’s overall vision.

    Our custom coding services enable us to tailor your website precisely to your specifications, adding functionality and enhancing the user experience. From customizing the design elements to implementing unique features, our coding expertise allows us to go beyond the limitations of templates and deliver a truly bespoke website.

    What sets you apart?

    What truly sets us apart at CSS Creative is our commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients. We go beyond being a cut-and-dry agency by prioritizing ongoing support and availability even after your project is complete. We understand that your business is dynamic and may require updates, changes, or guidance along the way. That's why we make ourselves readily available to address any questions or provide assistance whenever you need it. Your satisfaction and success are at the forefront of everything we do.

    Furthermore, we offer a wide range of monthly marketing subscriptions to cater to your evolving needs. Whether you require ongoing website maintenance, social media management, content creation, or other marketing services, our flexible retainers are designed to accommodate your unique requirements. With our comprehensive and tailored approach, we ensure that your marketing efforts are consistently aligned with your business goals, keeping you ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

    Can you provide examples of websites you've designed in the past?

     With an extensive portfolio, we invite you to view some of our favorite case studies from each industry on our case study page.

    What strategies do you use for optimizing websites for search engines (SEO)?

    SEO basics are included in all website development packages - we incorporate this through blog posts, descriptive product descriptions, FAQs, and more.

    What do your social media services entail? 

    We provide a comprehensive and meticulously crafted social media management solution that encompasses everything from strategic planning, creative content creation, insightful reporting, and more. Our holistic approach not only elevates your brand's online presence but also ensures that every facet of your social media engagement is finely tuned to achieve your unique business objectives.

    Do you offer photography and videography?

    In our premium-tier packages, we offer the orchestration and coordination with esteemed local photographers/videographers. By marrying our creative expertise with their artistic mastery, we bring your brand's narrative to life through captivating visuals, ensuring your digital presence authenticity represents your brand. 

    What is the typical timeline for completing a web design project?

    We offer a range of services to fit your specific timeline, from as quick as one day, to 4-8 weeks depending on the package chosen!

    What is the typical timeline for completing a branding project?

    Our brand services offer an In A Day option, which delivers you the perfect brand concept within one business day, or a more extensive route which can take 2-4 weeks

    What is the estimated cost of a website design project?

    All of our services are customized on a per-client basis, you can apply here to let us know exactly what you need, and we’d be happy to quote you.

    Do you offer website maintenance and updates after the project is completed?

    Absolutely! Building a lasting relationship with our clients is one of our highest priorities, so we made sure to include both our Website In A Day and Custom Website Experience services to have a few months of website maintenance post-launch. We ensure upon launch you are equipped with everything you need to easily maintain your site, but beyond that, we are able to come up with a custom monthly subscription to fit your site's needs.

    Can you help with rebranding or updating an existing brand identity?

    You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in brand design and development which includes rebranding or what we refer to as a refresh of an existing brand. Feel free to check out one of our favorite brand + web projects here.

    Do you work on a retainer or subscription contract?

    All of our social media and marketing services are subscription-based, with some of our more extensive packages requiring a 2-month minimum. With this minimum, it gives us the time needed to see true organic results after implementing a new social media strategy. None of our services require a lengthy retainer or binding contract for an allotted amount of time.