Modern Outfitters

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Modern Outfitters provides the latest, most innovative professional arms and accessories. Their products are developed based on the latest military development, technology, and innovation. They empower outdoor enthusiast to achieve persistent and consistent accuracy—whether for leisure, hunting, range, or drills—through quality weapons, along with training and education workshops tailored to the needs of today’s responsible gun owners.

Building a social identity for Modern Outfitters

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Engaging the performance enthusiasts

  • Website Development

    Our website development services center around harnessing visually captivating elements, high-quality imagery and engaging videos, to immerse visitors in the world of performance training. Though Shopify is our preferred platform, this project was built on Wordpress. Our expert team meticulously curated pages, filters and footers that magnifies the behind the scenes work, knowledge, and expert service of your firearm experience, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor.

  • Marketing

    To engage the community, CSS strategizes their email marketing. Showcasing featured or new products, ideating fresh graphics and keeping the audience up to date with upcoming events. We provide their audience with newsletters to convey their valuable insights, custom builds, tailored services, and in-store experiences.

  • Social Media

    CSS created a unique digital marketing strategy to reach Modern Outfitter's target audience across multiple platforms. From engaging social media campaigns to targeted email marketing and search engine optimization, we ensure that their message reaches those who are likely to be captivated by their products and services.