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At LOMI Skin, they believe in cherishing moments of self-care and love. Their clean, luxurious skincare line is designed to encourage you to take a break, pause, and connect with yourself. We worked with LOMI to carefully craft each product with the intention of spreading self-love, inviting you to prioritize your well-being.

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LO, for love, and Mi, for me. LOMI.

We helped LOMI craft every detail from the start, with the intention of spreading self-love. We like to think of LOMI Skin as a helping hand, allowing you to activate a sense of self appreciation. Their skincare helps you sink into you, leaving the feeling of renewal and restoration.

    Encapsulating the art of self love.

    Brand Design

    The Lomi Skin branding project was not just a project; it was a collaboration that resulted in a brand poised for endless growth and enduring success. It was an embodiment of simplicity, timelessness, and the boundless possibilities that await a brand when creativity and vision align.We wanted a seamless adaptive brand within their portfolio.

    Website Development

    We created a visually appealing and intuitive design for LOMI Skin's website. Incorporating a clean and modern aesthetic, with ample white space and high-quality imagery. While highlighting the benefits of Lomi's skincare products and educating visitors about skincare topics. We included their ingredient information, and a section to share skincare tips, trends, and industry insights.

    Social Media

    We utilize various content formats to engage LOMI's audience and educate them about their skincare line. This includes photos, videos, testimonials, and collaborations. Focusing on providing value, addressing customer self love & individuality, and showcasing the efficacy of Lomi's products on all platforms.


    We developed high-quality content through their website, ads, press, and and more to nurture relationships with potential and existing customers. We provided regular newsletters with personalized skincare tips, product updates, exclusive offers, and relevant content.

    Social Media

    Here's a peek at LOMI's Instagram feed. Aligning with it’s distinct branding, we maintain an entirely black-and-white aesthetic. To keep the feed dynamic and prevent repetitiveness, we strategically stagger lighter and darker images, focusing on showcasing the brand's essence and ensuring a striking, memorable visual impact.