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As a Texas Hill Country native and 4th generation farmer and rancher, Holden Jacoby is a direct product of his upbringing. Holden founded Jacoby Land Co as a way to share his rich knowledge of Texas land as a land realtor, ranch consultant, and cattle farmer.

It's more than a brand.

Jacoby Land Co. encapsulates the values carried from generation to generation.
    Brand Design

    Building the brand for Jacoby Land Co has a special place in our heart. It's a brand founded on authenticity, expertise, and a profound love for the Texas landscape. We aimed to showcase the love of the land through aspects of the branding, creating a timeless portfolio for years to come. We took inspiration directly from the landscape and added a windmill as a secondary logo, to show the strongly rooted Texas history of the brand.

    Website Development

    The website development process for Jacoby Land Co was a multifaceted endeavor, carefully designed to provide a rich tapestry of education on land and property management, and invaluable insights into the realm of cattle ranching. It was clear the importance of values and heritage at Jacoby Land Co., so we made it a point to capture their story throughout. Each unique page on their website serves a dual purpose: to kindle a profound passion for the world of land and cattle ownership, and to offer a preview of the potential that awaits potential owners.

    Social Media Services

    Jacoby Land Co's social media strategy is a harmonious fusion of inspiration, education, and community-building. Our strategy was to cultivate a deep-seated passion for land and provide a captivating glimpse into the opportunities that lie within the realm of land and cattle ownership. Each carefully crafted post serves as guidance to their audience towards rural living and the lifestyle that comes with it.

    Preserving and nurturing the magnificent Texas landscape