Website Development

The founder of Euclid Home, Parker Howard loves all things embroidery and monograms. Often symbolizing cherished moments and family connections, making it a perfect match for her craft. Euclid Home is to become your preferred destination for all things embroidery.

Personal timeless designs turned into extraordinary works of art.

A website design that encapsulates Euclid Home.

Site Customization | Added Product Varients

In the creation of the Euclid Home website, our primary aim was to encapsulate and exude the very essence and charm of the brand. Every element of the website was meticulously crafted to reflect these qualities. Fashioning a bespoke script font that graced the site with a unique touch of sophistication and the delicate scalloped highlights & stunning navigation bar. We enhanced the product pages with extensive custom sets that seamlessly complemented the beauty and functionality of Euclid Home's offerings. Our goal was to create a digital space for Euclid Home, a platform that not only houses but also elegantly showcases their array of stunning personalized features.